Large silver 6-groschen (1/5 thaler) of Sigismund III (1587-1632), 1626, Polish Royal issue, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (KM#42)

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SIGIS:III:D:G:REX:POL:M:D:L, Crowned bust of Sigismund Right  / GROS:ARGE:SEX:REG:POLO 1626; Polish-Lithuanian crowned coat of arms, Vasa arms below. Denomination (VI) in the middle. 26mm, 3.73 grams. Krause KM #42.

Nice large silver coin!

Sigismund III Vasa (20 June 1566 30 April 1632) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, a monarch of the united PolishLithuanian Commonwealth from 1587 to 1632, and King of Sweden (where he is known simply as Sigismund) from 1592 until he was deposed in 1599. He was the son of King John III of Sweden and his first wife, Catherine Jagellonica of Poland.