Large silver 6-groschen of John II Casimir (1649-1668), 1666-AT, Polish Royal issue, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (KM#91)

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IOAN CAS D G REX POL & S¢M¢D¢L¢R¢, crowned bust of John Casimir right / VI GROS ARG¢SEX¢REG POL, 1666; Vasa arms below, Polish arms left, Lithuanian arms right, all under crown, mintmark A-T in lower fields. 25mm, 3.00 grams. Krause KM #91.

John II Casimir (22 March 1609 16 December 1672) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania during the era of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth, Duke of Opole in Upper Silesia, and titular King of Sweden 16481660. In Poland, he is known and commonly referred as Jan Kazimierz. His parents were Sigismund III Vasa (15661632) and Constance of Austria (15881631). His older brother, and predecessor on the throne, was Władysław IV Vasa. Related to the Habsburg rulers of the Holy Roman Empire he was the third and last monarch on the Polish throne from the House of Vasa. He was the last ruler of PolishLithuanian Commonwealth bearing a blood connection to the Jagiellon dynasty.