Ancient Greek silver hemiobol, ca.400-340 BC, Helikarnassus, Caria

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 Carian character to left and right (S-A) of youthful male head (Apollo?) right / Ram's head right. 8mm, 0.32 grams. Mint of Halikarnassos in Caria. SNG Helsinki 873; SNG Kayhan 996.

Halicarnassus was an ancient Carian City at the site of modern Bodrum in Turkey. It was located in southwest Caria on a picturesque, advantageous site on the Ceramic Gulf. The city was famous for the tomb of Mausolus, the origin of the word mausoleum, built between 353 BC and 350 BC, and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was part of then Empire (Achaemenid Empire) until captured by Alexander the Great at the siege of Halicarnassus in 334 BC.