Silver dirhem of Abaga idb Hulagu (1265-1282 AD), Nishapur mint, Mongol Ilkhanid Empire

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Kalima (Muslim profession of faith) within a square, mint and date around (only partially seen - the date is not visible, the mint is partially visible) / inscription in a mixture of Arabic and Uighur: Kaganu nereber Abagaun delegteguluk son ("Struck in the name of the Khan, Abaqa"). 17mm, 2.76 grams. Nishapur mint. MWOI 1559ff; cf.Zeno 121056.

Abaqa Khan (12341282), also Abaga, or Abagha Khan, was the second Mongol ruler (Il-khan) of the Ilkhanate. The son of Hulagu Khan (gandson of Ghenghiz Khan) and Yesuncin Khatun, he reigned from 12651282 and was succeeded by his brother Tekuder Khan. Much of Abaqa's reign was consumed with civil wars in the Mongol Empire, such as those between the Ilkhanate and the northern khanate of the Golden Horde. Abaqa also engaged in unsuccessful attempts at military invasion of Syria, including the Second Battle of Homs.