Silver dirhem of Arghun ibn Abaga (1284-1291 AD), Mongol Ilkhanid Empire

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Kalima (Muslim profession of faith) within a square, mint and date around (only partially seen) / inscription in a mixture of Arabic and Uighur: Kaganu nereber Arghunun delegteguluk son ("Struck in the name of the Khan, Hulagu"). 16mm, 2.77 grams. Uncertain mint and date. MWOI 1573ff.

Arghun Khan aka Argon (c. 1258 March 7, 1291) was the fourth ruler of the Mongol empire's Ilkhanate, from 1284 to 1291. He was the son of Abaqa Khan, and like his father, was a devout Buddhist. He was known for sending several embassies to Europe in an unsuccessful attempt to form a Franco-Mongol alliance against the Muslims in the Holy Land, including his famous letter to the Pope Honorius IV.