Silver dirhem of Ahmd Tekudar (1282-1284 AD), Mongol Ilkhanid Empire

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Kalima (Muslim profession of faith) within a square, mint and date around (only partially seen) / inscription in a mixture of Arabic and Uighur: Kaganu nereber Ahmdun delegteguluk son ("Struck in the name of the Khan, Ahmd"). 17mm, 2.75 grams. Uncertain date and mint. MWOI cf.1572

Ahmd Tekuder, also known as Sultan Ahmd (reigned 1282-1284), was the sultan of the Ilkhanate, son of Hulegu and brother of Abaqa. He was eventually succeeded by Arghun Khan. Tekuder was born Nicholas Tekuder Khan and had been baptized in his childhood as a Nestorian Christian; however, Tekuder later embraced Islam and changed his name to Ahmd Tekuder.