Silver dirhem of Baidu (1295 AD), Hamadan mint, Mongol Ilkhanid Empire

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Kalima (Muslim profession of faith) within a square, mint and date around (only partially seen) / inscription in a mixture of Arabic and Uighur: Kaganu nereber Baydunun delegteguluk son ("Struck in the name of the Khan, Baidu"). 17mm, 2.67 grams. Uncertain date and mint. MWOI cf.1588..

Baydu (also spelled Baidu) (died 1295) was the sixth ruler of the Mongol empire's Ilkhanate division . He was the son of Taraqai, who was in turn the fifth son of Hulagu Khan. He succeeded his cousin Gaykhatu as khan of the Ilkhanate state in 1295.