Rare! Bronze half grosch of Alexander the Good (1400-1432), Suchava mint, Moldavia - Grandfather of Dracula!

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Head of ox facing, five-pointed star between horns, rosette below left, crescent below right / Moldavian coat of arms - shield with ox head (as on obverse) above. 15mm, 0.62 grams. Suchava mint. Kopicki 3709a, Buzdugan 386. 

Alexander the Good (lexandru cel Bun or Alexandru I Mușat) was a Voivode (Prince) of Moldavia, reigning between 1400 and 1432,son of Roman I Mușat. He succeeded Iuga to the throne, and, as a ruler, initiated a series of reforms while consolidating the status of the Moldavian Principality. Alexandru cel Bun (Alexander the Good) had four legitimate wives and at least three concubines. He had twenty-four sons (including illegitimate), six of them later reigning in Moldavia, and seventeen daughters. He was father-in-law to Vlad II Dracul and grandfather to Vlad III the Impaler through his daughter, Cneajna.