Rare copper pul of Khyzr Khan (1359-1360), Gulistan mint, Jochid Mongols (Fedorov/Davidov #199)

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Al-Sultan al-adil / Khyzr Khan / Khalad Malkeh ("The Just Sultan, Khyzr Khan, may his rule last") in hexafoil / Zarb Guylistan. AD). 18mm, 2.39 grams. Mint of Gulistan (Lower Volga, Volgograd region). Fedorov-Davidov #199; Album 2035.


Khyzr (also spelled "Khidr" or "Khizr") Khan was an ephemeral ruler who controlled lower Volga and during the civil war that tore the Golden Horde after the death of Jani Beq. The Golden Hordewas a Mongol and later Turkicized khanate, established in the 13th century, which comprised the northwestern sector of the Mongol Empire. The khanate is also known as the Kipchak Khanate or as the Ulus of Jochi.[