Rare copper pul, temp. Monghe Timur Khan (1267-1280 AD), Qirim mint, Jochid Mongols (Lebedev M26)

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Upright Jochid Tamgha in a small circle, annulets and another enclosing circle around / Unread arabic legend. 22mm, 2.00 grams. Mintless, but certainly Qirim minte, minted ca.1267-1280. Lebedev M26. 

Enogmatic type with an unread legend. Rare.

The Golden Horde was a Mongol and later Turkicized khanate, established in the 13th century, which comprised the northwestern sector of the Mongol Empire. The khanate is also known as the Kipchak Khanate or as the Ulus of Jochi.