Anonymous copper pul, ca.1350/1400 AD, Qirim or Saray al-Jadid mint, Jochid Mongols (cf.Zeno #28131)

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Crude and imitative retrograde Al-Mulk Allahu / Geometric decorations. 18mm, 1.63 grams. Mintless, but minted in Qirim or Saray al-Jadid. Zeno #28131.

These strange copper puls are found from Middle Volga up to , including Kuban and Azaq regions. By style, they are sometimes attributed to Saray al-Jadid, but it is more likely they were minted in Qirim. It is not known which of the Golden Horde Khans minted them, as they do not bear a date or the name of the Khan, but they were minted sometimes in the second half of the 14th century.