Rare silver denga of Grand Duke Vasili III Ivanovich (1505-1533), Moscow mint with a clear "severed head" mintmark, Russia

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Horseman advancing right, brandishing a sable, severed head below the horseman (mintmark for Moscow) / Inscription in a monogram form - "Gosudar v rusi" (abbreviated "Lord of all Russia"). 13mmx10mm, 0.34 grams. A.Harost #9; Huletski #3202C.

A nice example of the early Russian wire money. Rare!

Vasili III Ivanovich (25 March 1479 3 December 1533, Moscow) was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1505 to 1533. He was the son of Ivan III Vasiliyevich and Sophia Paleologue and was christened with the name Gavriil. He was the father of the famous Ivan the Terrible of Russia.