Unusually heavy! Very nice silver kopek, Peter I "the Great" (1682-1725), Kadashev mint, Russian Empire (Grishin group IV)

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Horse and rider right  / Cyrillic inscriptions in 5 lines: "TSAR I VELIKIY KNYAZ PYOTR ALEXEYEVICH VSEYA ROSSII" ("Tsar and Grand Duke Peter Alexeyevich of All Russia"). 12mmx7mm, 0.41 grams. Kadashev mint. Grishin #19 (group IV)

Unusually heavy example, almost double the normal weight.

Peter the Great, Peter I or Pyotr Alexeyevich (9 June 1672 8 February 1725) ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his half-brother Ivan. In numerous successful wars he expanded the Tsardom into a huge empire that became a major European power. In 1700 he introduced a monetary reform, minting decimal coinage in all three metals, though the old style wire kopeks, like this coins, were struck for another two decades alongside the new large copper kopeks.