Anonymous copper pul, dated 872 sic (782 AH / 1380 AD), Saray al-Jadidah mint, Jochid Mongols (cf.Zeno #44214)

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Crude Zarb Saray al-Jadidah, date (872 AH (sic) for 782 AH / 1380 AD) / Geometric decorations. 18mmx16mm, 2.09 grams. Saray al-Jadidah mint. Zeno #44214.

This issue is a real mistery. Dozens of die combinations are known, but all bear the erroneous date - 872, what looks very strange, because this coin is undisputably Jujid, not Girayid. The date 872 is almost certainly an error for 782 AH (1380 AD), which would mean this type was minted by the authority of Khan Toqhtamish (1378-1397). There were some attempts undertaken to decipher the lower line, but in vain.