Rare! Bronze sezin (sixain) of King James II (1460-1473), Crusader Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus and Jerusalem

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+IACVS DEI RE X, rampant lion left / +IERUSALEM C, Jerusalem cross. 19mm, 2.12 grams. Metcalf, Lusignans III, pl.30, 14; CCS 164.

James I of Cyprus (or Jacques I de Lusignan) (1334 September 9, 1398) was Regent of Cyprus for his infant nephew Peter from 1369. When Peter died in 1382, James became King of Cyprus that year. James was also titular King of Armenia and titular King of Jerusalem 13821398. James was the third son of Hugh IV of Cyprus and Alix of Ibelin, and became king upon the death of his nephew Peter II. Before becoming a king, he had other offices and was known for his resistance against the Genoese invasion against Cyprus.