Rare gold fanam, Dutch VOC in Cochin, ca.1663-1776, SW India (Herrli 1.15.03)

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Very stylized images of Lion / Boar. 8mm, 0.36 grams. Minted in Cochin by the Dutch VOC company. Hans Harrli "Gold Fanams"  #1.15.03.

Portuguese rule in south-west India was followed by that of the Dutch, who had by then conquered Quilon after various encounters with the Portuguese and their allies. Discontented members of the Cochin Royal family called on the assistance of the Dutch for help in overthrowing the Cochin Raja. The Dutch successfully landed at Njarakal and went on to capture the fort at Pallippuram, which they handed over to the Zamorin. The Dutch issued fanams in Cochin in slightly debased gold.