Rare! Second Yaroslavl uprising, silver kopek minted in November 1612-January 1613 in the name of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich (1584-1598), Yaroslavl, Russia (Grishin #318)

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Horse and rider, Moscow monogram below  / Cyrillic inscriptions in 5 lines: "TSAR I VELIKIY KNYAZ THEODOR IVANOVICH VSEYA RUSI" ("Tsar and Grand Duke Fyodor Ivanovich of All Russia"). 12mmx10.5mm, 0.45 grams. Yaroslavl mint, minted November 1612-January 1613. Grishin #318.

In the late 1611 a popluar uprsing against the Polish rule started in Nizhny Novgorod, shifting to Yaroslavl in February 1612. The rebels minted coins in the name of the last Rurikovich - the late Fyodor Ivanovich (in 1612 and early 1613). Later, coins in the name of Mikhail Fyodorovich were minted as well.

Fyodor (Theodore) I Ivanovich (31 May 1557 16/17 January (NS) 1598) was the last Rurikid Tsar of Russia (15841598), son of Ivan IV (The Terrible) and Anastasia Romanovna. He was born in Moscow and crowned Tsar and Autocrat of all Russia at Assumption Cathedral, Moscow, on 31 May 1584.
Being unhealthy and, by some reports, intellectually disabled, Feodor was only the nominal ruler, having his duties handed over to his wife's brother and trusted minister Boris Godunov, who would later succeed Feodor as tsar. Feodor's childless death left the Rurikid dynasty extinct, and spurred Russia's descent to the catastrophic Time of Troubles.



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