Rare tin cash with Chinese characters "Shi Dan Li Bao", Chinese Sultan Li Poh (ca.1450's-1470's) in Palembang, Indonesia

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Shi Dan Li Bao (also has been read as "Zhong Dan Li Bao") / Blank. 18mm, 0.59 grams. Seems to be unpublished, but listed on Zeno (#111165).

Found in Palembang. Extremely rare.

This is an obscure coin, discovered only recently in a hoard in Palembang. It is attributed to Sultan Li Bao (Li Poh), who was Chinese and seemingly used Chinese characters to strike his coins. It is stated in the 15th century Malay Annal that a men name Sultan Li Poh (Li Bao) sent his daughter (Hang Li Po) for marriage with the Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca to establish ties. This girl accepted Islam, and became the wife of the Sultan. Stylistically the coin dates to the 15th century, so this attribution is not unlikely.





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