Very rare! San Fo Chi (Sumatra) issue tin cash of the Emperor Zhen Zong (998-1022 AD), Song dynasty (960-1127) - Srivijaya Chinese Client Kingdom in Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia

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Four Chinese characters (regular script, reading clockwise) Xian Ping Yuan Bao / Blank. 16mm, 0.24 grams. Issued in 998-1003 AD or slightly later (this is probably a later issue). Palembang mint. Not properly studied and seems to be unpublished.

There are some rare Xian Ping Yuan Bao cash coins, locally produced, found in Palembang, Sumatra (Indonesia). The the Northern Song, Palembang was known as San Fo Chi (for `Sri Vijaya`). The locals (Srivijaya) obtained a permission from the Emperor to cast Chinese model coins (Xian Ping Yuan Bao coins, it seems), form which they paid the Emperor tribute and the Chinese provided protection from the Chola South Indians. these coins probably cannot be called ìmitaitons`since they were issued with the official permission of the Chinese. It probably makes more sense to refer to them as `Sumatra issue Chinese coins`.

This coin is a crude imitation - the Chinese characters are very stylized but still legible. The coin is much smaller and lighter than the normal Chinese issue. Rare and not well-studied.