984-989 AD - Scarce bronze cash of Emperor Lê Hoàn (941-1005), Anterior Lê Dynasty, Vietnam

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Four Chinese characters Thien Phuc Tran Bao / Lê. 25mm, 2.54 grams. "Vietnamese Coins" (2002) #6; Hartill 25.2var (blank reverse)

Lê Hoàn (941-1005), was a king and emperor of Vietnam under the Anterior Lê Dynasty. He was the commander in chief of the armies of Emperor Ðinh Bo. Linh, but also had an illicit relationship with the Empress Dowager, dethroned Ðinh Bo. Linhs heir and proclaimed himself king in 980. He retained the capital in Hoa Lu and succeeded in warding off several Chinese invasions by the Song Court, but continued paying them tributes every three years in exchange for a peaceful relations. He issued coins in the contemporary Chinese style, copyigng the rare Tian Fu type of the Later Jin dynasty (936-947 AD), but adding the name of his dynasty on the back.