Rare and well-struck billon dinero of King Janus (1398-1432), Crusader Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus and Jerusalem

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+IAnVS ROI DЄ, cross pattée; S in second quarter / +IER'M E DE CIP, rampant lion left, X above. 15mm, 0.75 grams. Metcalf, Crusades ; CCS 121.

Janus of Cyprus (1375 29 June 1432) was a King of Cyprus, King of Armenia and a Titular King of Jerusalem from 1398 to 1432. Janus was born in Genoa, where his father, James I of Cyprus, was a captive. His mother, Helvis of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, named him in honor of the god Janus, the founder of Genoa according to mythological tradition. He is famous for his defeat and humiliation by the Egyptian sultan.