Completely unpublished with an additional star and two swastikas! Beautiful high quality bronze follis (rézpénz) of Bela III (1172-1196), Kingdom of Hungary

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REX BELA to left, REX STS to right, two kings seated facing, each holding cruciform sceptre; all within double Gothic niches, cross and star above, swastika left and another swastika right / SANCTA mARIA, Virgin seated facing, holding sceptre and Holy Infant. 26mm, 3.00 grams. Huszár 72 var (without the star and the two swastikas).. 

A unique coin - does not seem to be in the standard references. There is a star next to the cross above the rulers (an unpublished feature) and two addtional swastikas flanking the the Kings. 

Béla III (ca. 1148 23 April 1196) was King of Hungary and Croatia (11721196). He was educated in the court of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I who was planning to ensure his succession in the Byzantine Empire till the birth of his own son. Following the death of his elder brother, who had been fighting against the Byzantine Empire, Béla could only ascend to the throne with the assistance of his uncle Emperor Manuel I and Pope Alexander III, because a significant part of the Hungarian aristocracy led by his own mother and the Archbishop of Esztergom preferred his younger brother's succession. Béla was one of the most powerful rulers of Hungary and he was also one of the most wealthy monarchs of Europe of his age.