Anonymous silver denar of Geza II (1141-1162), Kingdom of Hungary

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Central cross with small crosses at the end of each cross-arm. linked by four lines. Four pellets within the cross arms, four wedges are outside the linking lines / Two crosses linked by vertical line, two crosses to left and right, four pellets above and below those crosses. 11mm, 0.21 grams. Huszár 152; Unger 72.

Géza II (1130 31 May 1162) was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1141. As he was a child when he succeeded his father, Béla the Blind, his mother, Helena of Rascia, and her brother, Beloš ruled Hungary until he came of age in 1146. Géza was one of the most powerful monarchs of Hungary, and intervened successfully in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries.