Unpublished type? Pre-reform Arab-Byzantine follis, minted ca.680's, Hims (Emesa) mint, Ummayad Caliphate

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Standing imperial figure, holding long cruciform scepter and globus cruciger; crescent to upper right, uncertain long arabic inscriptions left and right? (instead of the "K/Δ/Λ-O/N") / Large M; staurogram above, Δ below, Є/M/H-C/[I/C] across, tayyib in exergue. 20mm, 3.47 grams. Hims (Emesa) mint, minted in the 680's AD. SICA I -; Walker -; cf. DO Arab-Byzantine -; Album -

This coin seems to carry a long inscription in Arabic on obverse, instead of the normal Greek inscription. This type seems to be unlisted in the standard catalogues.

These coins are among the earliest coins of the first Islamic Caliphate. Before the more familiar anepigraphic types were issued by the Ummayad, the arab conquerors used a slightly modified Byzantine coinage in the conquered Byzantine lands.



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