Pre-reform Arab-Byzantine follis, AH 41-77 / AD 661-697, uncertain mint, Ummayad Caliphate

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Arab-Byzantine type, imitating Heraclius or Constans II. Uncertain mint. Three imperial figures standing facing / Large M; cross above; officina below; blundered date to either side; CON in exergue. 24mm, 5.04 grams. Uncertain mint, probably an early issue from Tiberias. Cf. Walker, Arab-Byzantine 3 (for type); SICA I -.

Overstruck on an official Byzantine type, with quite a bit of the undertype still visible.

These coins are among the earliest coins of the first Islamic Caliphate. Before the more familiar anepigraphic types were issued by the Ummayad, the arab conquerors used a slightly modified Byzantine coinage in the conquered Byzantine lands.