Rare type! Pre-reform Arab-Byzantine follis, minted ca.680's, Hims (Emesa) mint, Ummayad Caliphate

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Standing imperial figure, holding long cruciform scepter and globus cruciger; crescent to upper right, K/Δ/Λ-O/N across / Large M; staurogram above, Δ below, Є/M/H-C/[I/C] across, tayyib in exergue. 21mm, 4.62 grams. Hims (Emesa) mint, minted in the 680's AD. SICA I -; Walker -; cf. DO Arab-Byzantine 43; Album Auction 10, lot 173; Album 3516.

These coins are among the earliest coins of the first Islamic Caliphate. Before the more familiar anepigraphic types were issued by the Ummayad, the arab conquerors used a slightly modified Byzantine coinage in the conquered Byzantine lands.