Quality denier of Hugh III (1269-1284), Crusader Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus and Jerusalem

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+hVGVЄ: RЄI: DЄ:, cross pattée / +IRL m: ЄD ChIPR:, rampant lion left. 16mm, 1.40 grams. Metcalf, Crusades 662; CCS 75a (Hugh IV).

Hugh III of Cyprus (1235 24 March 1284), born Hugues de Poitiers, later Hugues de Lusignan (he adopted his mother's surname de Lusignan in 1267), called the Great, was the King of Cyprus from 1267 and King of Jerusalem from 1268 (as Hugh I of Jerusalem). He was the son of Henry of Antioch and Isabella of Cyprus, the daughter of Hugh I. He was a grandson of Bohemund IV of Antioch and thus a descendant of Robert Guiscard.