Rare small AE16 of Cleopatra (51-30 BC), Neopaphos, Cyprus, Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt

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Rare small AE16 (tetrachalkon or eighth unit) of the famous Cleopatra (51-30 BC), mint of Neopaphos, Cyprus, Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt

Laureate head of Zeus to right / No legend. Zeus standing head to right, holding ears of corn on single stalk(?) in right hand and a sceptre in the left hand; star above head. 16mm, 4.50 grams. Neopaphos mint. Cox Curium 128.

Kreuzer, in his book The Coinage System of Cleopatra VII and Augustus in Cyprus, assembles evidence pointing towards a later date for the small Ptolemaic bronzes in circulation on Cyprus, attributing them to Cleopatra VII, rather than the time of Ptolemy IV and Arsinoë III. The evidence includes the discovery of a Ptolemaic mint at Paphos, striking these small coins at the very end of the Ptolemaic period.




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