Very nice silver shilling, Riga mint, Riga as free Imperial city, 1570

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CIVITATIS RIGENSIS, "large coat of arms" - a stone fort of Riga / MONETA NOVA ARGENTEA, "small arms of Riga" - two crossed keys, and date 7-0 (for "1570"). 16.5mm, 0.80 grams. Riga mint. D. Fyodorov "Baltic Coins" #603.

In 1561 the Livonian order in the Baltics collapsed. With the demise of the Livonian Order during the Livonian War, Riga for twenty years had the status of a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire before it came under the influence of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth by the Treaty of Drohiczyn, which ended the war for Riga in 1581.