Silver kopek of Ivan V (1682-1696), Moscow mint, Russia (Grishin #1530)

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Horse and rider, monogram MO (for "Moscow") below / Cyrillic inscriptions in 5 lines: "TSAR I VELIKIY KNYAZ IOANN ALEXEYEVICH VSEYA RUSI" ("Tsar and Grand Duke Ivan Alexeyevch of All Russia"). 12mmx9.5mm, 0.37 grams. Moscow mint, later issue. Grishin #1530.

Coins of Ivan V are all scarce and difficult to find.

Ivan V Alekseyevich (6 September [O.S. 27 August] 1666 8 February [O.S. 29 January] 1696) was a joint Tsar of Russia (with his younger half-brother Peter I) who co-reigned between 1682 and 1696. He was the youngest son of Alexis I of Russia and Maria Miloslavskaya. His reign was only formal, since he had serious physical and mental disabilities.