Billon liard of Henri II de Montpernsier (1592-1608), Duke of Dombes, France

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+ H . P . DOMBAR . D . MONTISP . M, a crown and three lis surrounding "H" / + DNS . ADIVTOR . MEVS 1610 (?), cross in the middle. 16mm, 0.97 gr Mint of Trévoux. Krause KM #16; Divo Dombes # 109, PA # 5155, Boudeau # 1072, Mantellier # 42  

Unexpected date "1610".

Dombes was a Principality in South-Eastern France. They minted coinage into the 17th century. The principality was confiscated by King Francis I of France in 1523, along with the other possessions of the Constable de Bourbon, was granted in 1527 to the queen-mother, Louise of Savoy, and after her death was held successively by kings Francis I, Henry II and Francis II, and by Catherine de' Medici. In 1561 it was granted to Louis, duc de Montpensier, by whose descendants it was held till, in 1682, Anne Marie Louise of Orléans, the duchess of Montpensier, gave it to Louis XIV's bastard, the Duke of Maine, as part of the price for the release of her lover Lauzun.