Rare reverse brockage of a silver dirham of Pulad Khan (810-813 AH/1407-1410 AD), Urdu mint, Jochid Jochid Mongols (Sagdeyeva #493)

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Zarb Urdu ("Struck in Urdu"), partial Kalima in the middle / Same in incuse in Arabic. 15mm, 1.11 grams. Mint of Urdu. Reverse brockage of Sagdeeva #493.

Pulad (or Bulat) was the son of Timur-Qutlugh. He was elevated by Edigey after Shadibeck was deposed in 810 AH. Pulad's Khanate lasted for only a year and a half - he was then deposed and banished by his brother Timur .

Genghis Khan's eldest son, Jochi, had 14 sons. When he died, they inherited their father's dominions as fiefs under the rule of their brothers, Batu Khan, as supreme and Orda Khan as elder. Orda with some of his younger brothers constituted the eastern wing of the Jochid Ulus (Golden Horde) while Batu and others ruled the western part of it. Those Hordes are known as "White", "Blue" and "Gray" (Shaybanids) Horde. Two main division are also known as Batu's Ulus (district) and Orda's Ulus.



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