AE2 of Magnus Maximus (383-388 AD), Arelate (Arles) mint, Roman Empire

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D N MAG MAXIMVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / REPARATIO REIPVB, emperor standing left, raising kneeling female; TCON in exergue. 23mm, 4.88 grams. Arles mint. RIC 26a of Arles, Cohen 3.

Magnus Maximus (Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus) (ca. 335 August 28, 388), also known as Maximianus and Macsen Wledig in Welsh, was Western Roman Emperor from 383 to 388. In 383 as commander of Britain, he usurped the throne against emperor Gratian; and through negotiation with emperor Theodosius I the following year he was made emperor in Britannia and Gaul while Gratian's brother Valentinian II retained Italy, Pannonia, Hispania, and Africa. In 387 Maximus' ambitions led him to invade Italy, resulting in his defeat by Theodosius I at the Battle of the Save in 388. Maximus was defeated and executed in Northern Italy later in 388 AD.

Maximus had a huge influence on the future history of Britain, as he withdrew some of the last soldiers stations in Britain, leaving it defenceless to the onslaught of the Irish, the Picts and the Saxons that came ni the next few decades.