Rare silver drachm of Nahapana (ca. 50-75 AD (?)), Indo-Scythian Kshaharatas of Saurashtra and Gujarat

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Bust of Nahapana right with collar showing, wearing a satrapal cap, corrupt Greek inscription: PANNIW SAHAPATAC NAHAPANAC / Arrow pointing downwards to the left, thunderbolt to the right, dot between them, two inscriptions one in Brahmi (RaJno KsaHaRaTaSa NaHaPaNaSa, reading left to right) and one in Kharoshti (RaNo KsaHaRaTaSa NaHaPaNaSa, reading right to left). 16mm, 2.20 grams. Rare this nice! Senior #3; Fishman "The Silver coinage of the Western Kshatrapas" #3; Jha/Rajgor #1f