Silver dirham of Mohamed Khan (771-779 AH/1369-1377 AD), Ordu mint, 777 AH/1375 AD, Jochid Jochid Mongols (Sagdeyeva #353)

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Al-Sultan al-adil Ghiyas ud-dunya va ud-din Mohamed Khan Khalad Mulkeh ("The Just Sultan, defender of life and faith, Mohamed Khan, may his rule endure") in Arabic / Zarb al-malak allah ordu 777 ("Kingship to Allah, struck in Ordu in 777 AH" (=1375)) in Arabic, all within an ornate border. 16mm, 1.47 grams. Mint of Ordu. Sagdeeva #353.

Rare ruler! 

Mohamed was the puppet ruler, placed by the powerful Mamai on the throne instead of his father Abdullah. Nothing is really known about this ruler outside of his scarce coinage. 

Berdi Beg (or Berdibek) was Khan of the Golden Horde from 1357 till 1359, succeeding his father Jani Beg of whom Berdi Beg may have been behind the poisoning. His reign was marked by turmoil and political murders, and in 1359 he was assassinated by his brother Qulpa, after which the Golden Horde fell apart. He had one unnamed daughter who was the wife of Mamai.

According to Rashid-al-Din Hamadani (12471318), Genghis Khan's eldest son, Jochi, had 14 sons. When he died, they inherited their father's dominions as fiefs under the rule of their brothers, Batu Khan, as supreme and Orda Khan as elder. Orda with some of his younger brothers constituted the eastern wing of the Jochid Ulus (Golden Horde) while Batu and others ruled the western part of it. Those Hordes are known as "White", "Blue" and "Gray" (Shaybanids) Horde. Two main division are also known as Batu's Ulus (district) and Orda's Ulus.



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