Unpublished - silver dirham, temp. Toqtamysh Khan (1380-98), Jochid Mongols

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Kalima (La Ilaha illa-llah Mohammed rasul allah (*there is no god by Allah and Mohammed is his profet") within a square dotted border, additional unread inscripsiont in the margins / Zarb Saray al-Jadid within a within a scallopped border and a dotted border. 17mm, 1.98 grams. Mint of Saray al-Jadid. Sagdeyeva (2005) #437 for the reverse, unpublished for the obverse.

Unpublished type with a Kalima. This must be a mule of some sorts, as the name and the titles of the ruler, as well as the date, are completely omitted. Fascinating and unique coin, almost certainly dating to the reign of Tokhtamysh.

Tokhtamysh was the prominent khan of the White Horde, who briefly unified the White Horde and Blue Horde subdivisions of the Golden Horde into a single state. 



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