Rare silver acke of Hachi Giray (1449-1466), Qirq-Yer mint, Jochid Mongols

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Giray tamgha in a beaded circle in the center, Zarb Qirq Yer ("Struck in Qirq Yer") / al-Sultan Khan al-Azam Hachi Giray  ("Sultan and Greant Khan Chadshi Giray"). 13mm, 0.70 grams. Ret. 33.

Hacı I Giray Melek, Melek Khaji Girai was the founder and the first ruler of the n Khanate. He is said to have been an 11th generation descendant of Ong Khan the Kerait whose descendants intermarried with the Genghisids (Mongol imperial clan of Genghis Khan and his successors). n Tatar national flag with golden Taraq Tamğa He ascended the throne after a long struggle against the khans of the Golden Horde for the independence of the n Khanate in which he was supported by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Hacı I Giray founded the Giray Dynasty of the n Khans, and introduced the new state symbol: "taraq tamğa" or "the trident of Girays", which is a derivation from the scales insignia of Golden Horde.