LARGE provincial bronze (AE31) of Caracalla (198-217 AD), Amasia in Pontus, Roman Empire, dated 208 AD.

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Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / ADP CEY ANT A-MACI MH NE PR P, ET CH (date) in exergue, flaming altar of Zeus Stratios; tree to left. Dated CY 208 (208/209 AD). 31mm, 14.85 grams. BMC Pontus 32; RG 79; cf. SNG Copenhagen 112; cf. SNG von Aulock 33.

The Altar of Zeus Stratios in Amaseia was one of the most famous in the region and its flames could be seen by sailors following the coastline of the Black Sea. This rare variety shows the precise moment when the offering is made to Zeus.