Extremely rare! Fouree sharukhi (light tanka) of Babur (1525-1530), Lahore mint, Mughal Empire

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Kalima in three lines across field; all within ornate circular frame; titles in outer margin / Name and titles of Babur in three bands across field, each separated by a knotted borderline - the name and titls are given as Zahir al Ad-din Muhammad Babur Bashah Ghazi; mint formula to lower left, date (936 AH = 1529 AD). Lahore mint. 26mm, 3.84 grams. Whitehead (Punjab) 12.Rare ancient counterfiet, made of silver-coated bronze (the coin was made when the authentic coins of this type were in circulation and was made in order to pass the coin into circulation as real). Most of the original silvering is still intact. Fourees of these tankas are almost unheard of and are exceedingly rare!