Rare silver Arab-Sassanian drachm of Ziyad ibn Abi Sufyan as the governor of al-Basra (665-674 AD), dated 48 AH, Sakastan mint, early Islamic coinage

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Crowned bust of Khushru II right, HARAMAN AZFUT in script in the left field, KHUSHRUI in script in the right field; Bismillah Rabi ("in the name of Allah, the lord") in Arabic in the lower margins / Fire altar with two attendants, date to the right (48 AH = 667/668 AD) and mint name ("SK" for Sakastan (Sijistan, now Seistan) in the Sakastan province). 31mm, 3.59 grams. Walker #26; Album type 5; cf.Mitchiner ACW 1345.

This is an anonymous issue, copying the type and legends of Khushru II, but adding the "Bismillah Rabi" in arabic on obverse. These are identified as issues of Ziyad ibn Abi Sufyan, as governor of al-Basra (45-55 AH / 665-674 AD), before he was granted the governorship of al-Kufa.

Before the reform of the coinage in 77/79 AH (696/698 AD) the Ummayad Empire produced coins based on the coinage of the newly conquered areas. , the coins followed the old style, copying coins of Khushru II and of Yazdegard III, but adding various Islamic words to them. In 77/79 AH (696/698 AD) the coinage throughout the Ummayad Empire was reformed to adhere to the Islamic bad on the portraits on the coins and all the portraits and pictures were removed from the coins.



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