RR AR drachm, Kumaragupta (414-455) w/date 100 GE (420 AD), Gupta Empire, India

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Bust of king, right, completely corrupt Greek inscription around, date "Varshe 100" (=year 100 GE = 420 AD) behind the bust / Formalized Garuda standing facing with spread wings. In Brahmi Parama-bhagavata rajahiraja Sri Kumaragupta Mahendraditya ("Absolutely holy King of Kings Lord Kumaragupta Mahendraditya").  13mm, 2.20 grams. Mitchiner ACW 4845ff. SKU T1987-2913

The early Gupta drachmas were derived from the earlier coins of Kshatrapas (obverse was practically unchanged, while the mountain on reverse was replaced with the image of Garuda). Very rare with a readable date

Kumaragupta I (Mahendraditya) was a ruler of the Gupta Empire in 415455 CE. Like his father and predecessor, Chandragupta II, Kumaragupta was an able ruler. He retained, intact, the vast empire, which extended from Bengal to Kathiawar and from the Himalayas to the Narmada. He issued silver coins in the style of the newly conquered Western Kshatrapas, though the Kshatrapa symbols on the reverse were replaced with the Gupta symbol Garuda.



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