Indo-Sakas in Western India, silver drachm, Visvasena (292-304 AD), 303 AD - rare type with one "Mahakchatrapasa"

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Bust of Visvasena right, with corrupted Greek legend (Indo-Greek style), date in Brahmi numerals behind (off-flan, but this issue was minted only in 225 and 226 Saka Era = 303/304 AD) / Three-arched hill or Chaitya, with river, crescent and sun, within legend in Brahmi Rajno Mahakchatrapasa Bhartrdamaputrasa Rajno Ksatrapasa Visvasenasa. 14mm, 2.31 grams. "Studies in the Coinage of Western Kshatrapas" #727-729.The coins of Ksatrapas are important since they are mostly dated - the dates helped to clarify the early history of India. Coins with clear dates, such as this coin are rare - on most specimens the date is struck off flan.The Western Kshatrapas, or Western Satraps, (35-405 CE) were Saka rulers of the western and central part of India (Saurashtra and Malwa: modern Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states). They were contemporaneous with the Kushans who ruled the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, and the Satavahana (Andhra) who ruled in Central India.