Unlisted variety RRRRR AE2 of Verina, wife of Leo I (457-474 AD), Cherson mint, Roman Empire (RIC 655 var)

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Verina facing right, AEL VER-INA AVG / SALVS RE (sic)-PVBLICAE, Victory seated right, inscribing a shield supported by a small column, CONE in exergue. 20mm, 4.26 grams. Cherson mint. RIC 655 var.

Unlisted with this mis-spelling of REIPVBLICAE.

Aelia Verina (died 484) was the Empress consort of Leo I of the Byzantine Empire. She was a sister of Basiliscus. Her daughter Ariadne was Empress consort of first Zeno and then Anastasius I. Verina was the maternal grandmother of Leo II.