AR dirham of Arslan Khan Mansur, Shash, 1018 AD, Qarakhanid Qaganate, Islamic Central Asia

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Normal arabic inscriptions on both sides, including Kalima, and naming Nur ad-Dawla and date (409 AH = 1018 AD). Mint of Shash (Chach). 27mm, 3.26 grams. SKU T912-19706


The Kara-Khanid Khanate was a confederation of Turkic tribes ruled by a dynasty known in literature as the Karakhanids or Ilek Khanids. Both dynastic names represent titles with Kara Kagan being the most important Turkish title up till the end of the dynasty. The Khanate ruled Transoxania in Central Asia from 999-1211. Their capitals included Kashgar, Balasagun, and Uzgen. The Karakhanids issued very interesting copper and silver coinage in numerous mints and varieties and most of their coins are scarce to rare.