Lot of 5 rare ancient Byzantine trachies, Paleologan dynasty, 13th century

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Lot of 5 various Byzantine billon or copper cup-coins (aspron trachies), mostly Paleologan and other trachies from the 13th century, though a few of them might be from Thessalonica or from the Latin Empire of Constaninople. All these coins are quite rare! The group is unsearched and unattributed, and most coins here show enough details for attribution if you are familiar with these.The coins are cleaned and are all of semi-decent quality, many coins are with cracks and casting defects (such defects were very common, since the coin was harshly struck twice on a very thin flan, splitting or cracking the flan in process. The size of the coins ranges from about 20mm to 22mm. The exact coins you will receive are shown on the photo above. The price is for the group of 5 exact coins shown above.Palaiologos (Greek: Palaiolo'go*s, in plural Palaiolo'goi), often latinized as Palaeologus, was a Byzantine Greek noble family, which produced the last ruling dynasty of the Byzantine Empire. After the Fourth Crusade, members of the family fled to the neighboring Empire of Nicaea, where Michael VIII Palaiologos became co-emperor in 1259, recaptured Constantinople and was crowned sole emperor of the Byzantine Empire in 1261. His descendants ruled the empire until the Fall of Constantinople at the hands of the Ottoman Turks on May 29, 1453, becoming the longest-lived dynasty in Byzantine history; some continued to be prominent in Ottoman society long afterwards. A branch of the Palaiologos became the feudal lords of Montferrat, Italy. This inheritance was eventually incorporated by marriage to the Gonzaga family, rulers of the Duchy of Mantua, who are descendents of the Palaiologoi of Montferrat.