Timurid Empire - Very rare mint! Silver heavy tanka (5.74 grams) of Shah Rukh ibn Timur (1404-1446), Kashan mint

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Type with Mu'in al-haqq wa-al din. 27mm, 5.74 grams. Kashan mint, undated issue; Album 2401.1"Sharukhi", or a reduced tanka, was the new standard of about 5 grams introduced during the monetary reform early in the reign of Shah Rukh and is actually named after Shah Rukh himself. The denomination continued being struck until late 16th century, when it was replaced by rupees.Shah Rukh was the youngest son of the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Tamerlane. He was also his most illustrious successor, and the second (and the last) ruler of the entire huge Timurid realm. The empire fragmented following Shah Rukh's death.