Bronze jital of Taj-ud-Daula Yildiz (1206-1215 AD), Khurraman mint, Ghorids of Ghazna

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Sri Samanta in Nagari script above a humped and horned bull standing left, with the bull decorated with five dots / Muizz ud dunya/wa ud-din (small cross within "n" in "din")/abduh/Yildiz. 15mm, 3.2 grams. Tye 200.2Tajuddin Yildoz was a Turkic slave of Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori who rose to become ruler of Ghazni after Mohamed Ghori's death. Tajuddin Yildoz twice tried to conquer Sindh but Nasir-ud-Din Qabacha defeated him in 1210. During the rule of Iltutmish he also tried to lay his claim on Delhi but was defeated by the Iltutmish at Tarain.