Silver para of Sultan Mustafa III (1757-1774), Istambul mint, Ottoman Empire

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Date and mint / Mustafa's tughra. Dated to the frozen accession date 1171 AH (1757 AD). 16mm, 0.40 grams grams. Istambul mint. cf.Zeno #138974; KM #295.

Mustafa III  (1717 January 21, 1774) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1757 to 1774. He was a son of Sultan Ahmd III (170330) and was succeeded by his brother Abdul Hamid I (177489). An energetic and perceptive ruler, Mustafa III sought to modernize the army and the internal state machinery to bring his empire in line with the Powers of Europe. Unfortunately the Ottoman state had declined so far that any general attempts at modernization were but a drop in the ocean, while any major plans to change the administrative status quo immediately roused the conservative Janissaries and imams to the point of rebellion. Mustafa III did secure the services of foreign generals to initiate a reform of the infantry and artillery. The Sultan also ordered the founding of Academies for Mathematics, Navigation and the Sciences.