Very rare silver tetradrachm of Kamnaskires V (54-33 BC), Elymais Kingdom

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Diademed, bearded bust left; star and anchor behind / Diademed bust (possibly of the prince Kamnaskires VI?) left; corrupt inscription IACIΛEΩC KAMNACKIPOY TOY EΓ KAMNACKIPOY (probably "King Kamnaskires, grandson of King Kamnaskires"), date in exergue (mostly off-flan). Seleukeia on the Hedyphon mint. 27mm, 14.73 grams. Van't Haaf #9.1; Cf. Alram 463; cf. MACW 703. SKU X5.

The succession of the Elamite kings is little understood; the recording of ordinal numbers and regnal years varies widely among the references. Alram recognizes one secure date for his tetradrachms, Seleukid era year 277 (36/35 BC); more dates are published by Van't Haaf (259 SE, 265 SE, 266 SE, 267 SE, 277 SE and 280 SE). Coins with clear dates are very rare and only a few are known. The dated issues attributed of Kamnaskires V are useful in understanding this complicated coinage as the increasingly debased tetradrachms of his type were struck by at least four successors over a period of several decades