Very rare silver tetradrachm Kamnaskires V (54-33 BCE), Elymais Kingdom

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Diademed, bearded bust left; star and anchor behind / Diademed bust (possibly of the prince Kamnaskires VI?) left; corrupt inscription IACIΛEΩC KAMNACKIPOY TOY EΓ KAMNACKIPOY (probably "King Kamnaskires, grandson of King Kamnaskires"), date in exergue (only the top part of 27x SE is visible)  Seleukeia on the Hedyphon mint. 28mm, 14.48 grams. Van't Haaf #9.1; Cf. Alram 463; cf. MACW 703. SKU X4.

The succession of the Elamite kings is little understood; the recording of ordinal numbers and regnal years varies widely among the references. Alram recognizes one secure date for his tetradrachms, Seleukid era year 277 (36/35 BC); more dates are published by Van't Haaf (259 SE, 265 SE, 266 SE, 267 SE, 277 SE and 280 SE). Coins with clear dates are very rare and only a few are known. The dated issues attributed of Kamnaskires V are useful in understanding this complicated coinage as the increasingly debased tetradrachms of his type were struck by at least four successors over a period of several decades